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GeorgetownHalf2021smGeorgetown Half Marathon and 5K Walk/Run

Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Fletcher's Cove in Washington, D.C.

We invite all to join us for the Georgetown Half 2021 on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at Fletcher's Cove in Georgetown, D.C.  Each year we partner with Kaimont on this race and a host of successful sponsors and volunteers to raise funds to support girls education in Kenya at our Mercy Project and for girls in Nepal.


Kaimont and the Mercy Project join together to sponsor girls education, healthy lifestyles and promoting adventures, athletics and strong sense of self!  We need girls, students, families to come out and  support the Georgetown Half and 5k by running or volunteering!  Its a great day in a beautiful place in D.C. in October - a great time of year! 


This exciting race brings together runners from all over to compete in the half marathon and 5k race. With over 300 runners expected, all proceeds support youth education in Nepal and in rural Kenya.  By providing educational opportunities, girls are able to graduate, obtain skills that help to prepare them for successful futures.  Education is an opportunity that changes lives and opens doors and opportunities that were not possible.


For all details and to sign up for the race go to: http://safetyandhealthfoundation.org/georgetownhalf/


And to join us as a volunteer........ we need at least 35 volunteers to staff to the aid stations along the canal and at the start and finish line and the turn around along the canal.  See specific volunteer sign ups here: www.safetyandhealthfoundation.org/georgetownhalf/volunteer


If your company would like to sponsor please go to:

CBC logoCommissioned By Christ Working to Continue Partnerships in Kenya

July 2021

Commissioned By Christ missionaries have been involved with the expansion efforts at the Mother of Mercy Girls School providing volunteers who give their time and labor each summer for 10 days. 


Due to Covid19, we are cancelling the group trip to Kenya this year, however, we will continue to offer opportunities for you to connect to Kenya!  Thank you!


For more details please go to:


Commissioned by Christ
200 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22203

We Welcome Your Support and Ideas for Events

If you would like to volunteer for events or attend any of our meetings
to offer your special talents to the Mercy Center Foundation, USA –
we welcome your support and ideas.


Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2021 Georgetown Half Marathon & 5K

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EMoney.Com sponsor for Georgetown Half Marathon 2017



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Georgetown Running Company


BTR Bach to Rock Bethesda Maryland



International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC)
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Union Labor Life Insurance Company
Edward M. Smith, President and CEO